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  Neighborhood Internet: Building a One-to-One Cadre 

3 hrs monthly coachingNeighborhood Internet
Here at the Rock Eel Café, through our Neighborhood Internet Service,, we are building a one-to-one cadre of real people teaching technology to those eager or at least willing to learn. We work with individuals, business owners, managers and association members who understand the best things in business are worth every penny and have figured out long ago that robbing Peter to pay Paul hurts not only your pocketbook, but your friendships as well.

Our community involvement charter is to provide access to technology to empower both business and residential populations. Those with something to loose have a stronger reason to fight for limited government, safe towns, good schools, etc. than do those who have nothing now and nothing to look forward to tomorrow.

Two of our key criteria evaluating a region for inclusion in our targeted list are airport expansion and university growth, because of the infrastructure development that brings new jobs, expanded opportunities; disposable, investable income and ultimately fewer people on the public dole.

Manchester, New Hampshire fits both of these tests with

  • a recently expanded flight schedule
  • parking garage increasing parking capacity more than six-fold
  • US Customs entry clearances
  • New Hampshire College achieving University status, announced the second week of July 2000.
  • NH ranking second only to California in high-tech population per capita.

While we're not disclosing our targeted cities list just yet, if you believe your metro area meets the two criteria above as well representing an underserved population for systems thinking and is ripe for technology empowerment, as only Rock Eel Café can provide, please contact us.

If our viewpoint on the internet, technology and personal growth matches yours or appeals to you, why not sign-up with us, on-line, right now? Don't delay, seize the moment. If not, surf's up, enjoy the ride.

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