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Computer support will evolve rapidly over the next year, bringing new tools and methods of communication. [So you go to school to learn to write this way, or were you dropped on your head as a child?!] Finding the best blend of support methods to exceed your expectations is our goal and the purpose for conducting this survey. [Yeah, right, and I'm Jack in the Beanstalk…
Marcom weenies should get a life.
The truth is, while we appreciate the sensational number and diversity of our visitors, over sixty countries and counting, the web can be an impersonal medium that benefits from a human touch. Our 3 divisions:
  • Systems Thinking Institute LLC for institutional clients,
  • Rock Eel Café for creative services (web, multimedia) & ThinDime™ coaching for the small to mid-size enterprise [SME] clients
  • for Neighborhood InternetSM, distance learning and on-site technology coaching
have colocated offices in Manchester, NH; just far enough north of Boston to lose the stuffed shirt and the ego filling it. Connecting with us is easy! By land post ("snail mail"):

    [Division Name]
    PO Box 4911
    Manchester, NH 03108-4911

by phone, 603-421-1024, fax, 603-584-0530 [int'l prefix 011] or this form. You may also e-mail our training staff general mailbox, for a personalized reply!
] Please take a moment to complete this short survey and in return, you will be automatically registered in a raffle [for a week-old sandwich, slightly used… uh-oh: (sound of scuffling...)] We now return you to your [boring, but demographically efficacious] survey. Thank you for your participation.

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We are curious about how you learned about Kaffihús Skerjasteinbítur [Rock Eel Café]. Please help us by selecting one of the choices below.