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Layers of Membership

We call our categories of membership “layers” because the support, organization and back office requirements of a ten person club contrast wildly to those of a 50,000 member international professional association. All of our membership programs are customized around a shared revenue model: your organization can enjqy reduced rates for:
    Internet Services (including broadband where available)
    virus-filtered e-mail & webmail
    web design and
    Access to other Divisional Resources
    technology coaching
    project management
    and much more

in exchange for co-op ad space in your journal, newsletter, etc and preferred provider recommendations to your membership when they seek input on:

    People Issues
    workforce enrichment, staffing, training, coaching
    Capital Management
    activity-based costing
    lifecycle costing
    Product/Process Streamlining
    intellectual property: trademarks/domains
    workplace quality/safety
    ergonomics/interface design

We work with individuals, business owners, managers and association members who understand the best things in business are worth every penny and have figured out long ago that robbing Peter to pay Paul hurts not only your pocketbook, but your friendships as well.

If our viewpoint on the internet, technology and personal empowerment matches yours or appeals to you, why not sign-up with us, on-line, right now? Don't delay, seize the moment. If not, surf's up, enjoy the ride.

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