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Rock Eel Café Updates Services, Opens Texas Office


BASTROP, TX - 15 May 2001 - Rock Eel Café, an Ergonomic Design Firm offering “asset management of human capital” announces a new business focus. With the shifting economy, many companies’ reduced workforce means the need to maximize productivity is now greater than ever. How does 350% improvement sound? Business Manager Matt Weilert’s unique perspective blends the best of high tech and high touch to bring triple digit increases to a wide variety of industries.

An automotive warehouse experienced a 350% improvement in internal data reporting and developed a new method of estimating conveyor capacity in just six months through their participation in the highly customized, hands-on, Rock Eel Café usability consulting service.

A government research contractor with over 3300 staff spread across 28 states saw their motor vehicle losses drop more than 500% to an accident-free year, less than 12 months into their program. The Collaboration Coaches™ of Rock Eel Café bring over 60 years of combined industry experience to bear on the immediate needs of companies in Northern New England - and now Central Texas. The company opens a new office in Bastrop, TX in Mid-May 2001.

As Weilert relates, “productivity gains don’t have to be incremental, they can be dramatic, and they don’t have to take lots of time or money. What they do take is top-to-bottom commitment. We’re not magicians, yet we have participated in some pretty remarkable results, one person at a time.

“Whether it’s a small operation with 15 staff or a multi-national firm, one of the real keys to achieving these order-of-magnitude productivity gains is to bring a layered understanding of the mission, values and culture of the organization from a few key leaders all the way through the company, bureau, division or business unit. With each person understanding their role, and how their contributions affect the overall business success of the company, we’ve seen just everyday folks produce phenomenal impact.”

About the Company

The Rock Eel Café (REC) has three main lines of business: designing products for people, designing & testing interfaces for interaction and designing/hosting web sites for business. All of the REC efforts revolve around usability: client firms grow toward the goal of a seamless integration of their message, both on and off the internet.

Off-line, or traditional, product design borrows from the demands of good web techniques while blending the on-line web world with the “real” world so that staff productivity goes up and remains strong season after season. As expressed in their highly regarded MCTV cablecast program, Systems Thinking & y.o.u.r.World, “people are the ultimate technology.” Rock Eel Café consultants design their products and services around that truth.

Matt Weilert
Rock Eel Café
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