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Ergonomic Firm Introduces “Scalable Furniture”


BASTROP, TX - 18 May 2001 - Rock Eel Café, an Ergonomic Design Firm offering “asset management of human capital” announces the introduction of a radical concept in business equipment: office and industrial furniture that is as scalable as the business processes they're designed to support. The Rock Eel Café has three main lines of business: designing products for people, designing interfaces for interaction and building websites for business that leverage staff productivity.

The newly-opened Central Texas Division of Rock Eel Café will be spearheading this new line, called the Mobile Ergonomic Workstation. Incorporating research spanning decades-across many cultures-a small number of critical design features have come together for the first time in the Mobile Ergonomic Workstation. Whole office systems can be built from a modular unit based on a 60° curve, with traditional office functions and very untraditional features.

Because of its no-tools-required design, completely reconfiguring the workstation to meet the needs of different tasks (on different shifts), or to accommodate the diverse body styles of a 6'2" man and a 4'11" woman, takes less than five minutes.

The current prototypes target the “office hoteling” staff concept where workers who spend much of their time in the field share a common set of cubicles, assigned like hotel suites, hence the name. The Mobile Ergonomic Workstation extends the scalable concept to new boundaries: staff can order or check out different desktops customized for different functions, or simply to express their individuality, much as the wave of colored laptops and monitor cases in the computer world.

The Rock Eel Café seeks a broader base of forward-thinking companies willing to put the workstation through its paces and provide brutally honest feedback. If you or your firm would like to participate in this leading edge ergonomic development, contact Rock Eel Café or your local furniture retailer and inquire if they've signed on as a certified developmental partner.

About the Company

The Rock Eel Café (REC) has three main lines of business: designing products for people, designing & testing interfaces for interaction and designing/hosting web sites for business. All of the REC efforts revolve around usability: client firms grow toward the goal of a seamless integration of their message, both on and off the internet.

Off-line, or traditional, product design borrows from the demands of good web techniques while blending the on-line web world with the “real” world so that staff productivity goes up and remains strong season after season. As expressed in their highly regarded MCTV cablecast program, Systems Thinking & y.o.u.r.World, “people are the ultimate technology.” Rock Eel Café consultants design their products and services around that truth.

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