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Bastrop, TX - 21 January 2002 - Rock Eel Café, a leader in asset management for human capital, received Sophos Anti-Virus Partner certification effective 11 Jan 2002. Sophos, a world leader in corporate anti-virus solutions, grew 54% in the fiscal year ending 31 Mar 2001, more than double the IDC reported 24% software industry average growth rate.

"Partnering with Sophos was a natural fit" says Rock Eel Café's principal consultant Matt Weilert. "As systems thinking performance consultants we deliver exponential improvements to our clients. People from more than 60 countries have selected us since 1996 as a resource for personal and business transformation. Joining Sophos' growing global network of partners in more than 120 countries is very much in keeping with the worldwide demand for systems thinking solutions."

About the Company

Rock Eel Café provides food for thought...served fresh daily. As an innovator in the field of asset management services for human capital, Rock Eel Café provides its clients with a menu of ergonomic solutions covering the complete customer value chain, both on and off the internet.

Technology is only as good as the people who design it, run it and maintain it. Rock Eel Café's Collaboration Coaching™ process provides skill-scaled decision support to firms as varied as art galleries, dental practices, publishers and banks. We help our clients' good decisions today enable better decisions tomorrow. For further information, contact us via any of the means below.

Matt Weilert
Rock Eel Café
Ph/fax: 512-321-3689

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