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Bastrop, TX - 25 February 2002 - Rock Eel Café, a local leader in asset management for human capital, recently relaunched its website,, to accomodate the large volume of European surfers using the Opera browser. Widely hailed as the most standards compliant browser available, Opera 6 is barely one-tenth the size of either Netscape or Internet Explorer, yet contains some of the best features of both. Rock Eel Café's principal consultant Matt Weilert remarks, "We've known for about six years that we have a growing global audience, from more than 60 countries. What was interesting was how many of those people are surfing with Opera Mac and Opera Linux."

Specifically what changed was in the coding of layers, a leading-edge web design technique that allows a web developer to declare certain content visible or invisible based on mouse position or other factors such as clicking on a link, for example. Since layers aren't a part of the current specification ( is the home page of the World Wide Web Consortium), Opera didn't include support for them directly. Instead, Rock Eel Café rewrote portions of its javascript library to work around this and respond to the Netscape layers code, which Microsoft also implements.

As soon as the Web consortium approves layers, Opera will incorporate their use. Until then, surfers can be certain that provides three keys to effective web sites: we're fast, clean and compliant. "We pay attention to typographic conventions" Weilert comments, "and focus on delivering information, rather than just 'razzle dazzle' flash and graphics. We're prepared now for the wireless web to come. Rarely will you find a Café-coded page that won't automatically adapt to the screen size. Our minimal use of graphics keeps transmission times short and page displays legible, functional and searchable."

"In addition," continues Weilert, "by using text instead of 'text images,' both screen-readers for the blind and machine translation software can deliver our more of our content to our global audience." Text images are pictures of words, rather than characters, often used to force a certain font or text size. This all too common web designer error is typically caused by a lack of diversity awareness.

About the Company

Rock Eel Café provides food for thought...served fresh daily. As an innovator in the field of asset management services for human capital, Rock Eel Café provides its clients with a menu of ergonomic solutions covering the complete customer value chain, both on and off the internet.

Technology is only as good as the people who design it, run it and maintain it. Rock Eel Café's Collaboration Coaching™ process provides skill-scaled decision support to firms as varied as art galleries, dental practices, publishers and banks. We help our clients' good decisions today enable better decisions tomorrow. For further information, contact us via any of the means below.

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