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Layering human intuition onto the
architecture of science and technology

Any organization, from enterprise to self-directed team to social club, is something of a a blueprint. A good set of prints can become a good space or a bad space, depending on contractor care and material quality. Skimping on prints insures you of a poor-quality product no matter how good the contractors are. The pattern of the lines on paper coupled with the experience and absorbed industry traditions of the builder/architect make up a ‘pattern language,’ that translates abstract concepts: sturdy, pleasing, comfortable structure with an overall “style” into concrete realities. The architect must carefully blend form, function, cost and ‘a fresh approach’ to our everyday world. This too is the job of the systems thinker. Compressing the learning curveSM for teams to leverage their productive contribution to the overall organization involves yet another “pattern language” more art than science.
[spacer]We are structural engineers for the people side of the business. We're here to make sure your structure is sound and can stand up to the elements (you, your customers, regulators and even the unknown, much like Phineas Fogg's travel itinerary). Like most structural engineers, we have lots of training and rather specialized tools. Unlike most however, we'll teach you how to build your own toolkit, so you can grow at your optimum pace instead of developing an addiction to the “Flavor of the Month” Seminar.
[spacer]We can apply the ‘Nine Ways’ to your project and make it “work.” Whether it is any good or not, is the next phase of your inquiry. Interior decorating comes after you've got protection from storms. The Rock Eel Café's programs are unique in the industry for the depth & scope of their follow-up. After all, few people are satisfied with living in a cave, no matter how ‘safe’ it may be.

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