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Using proper extended alphabet
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When good enough isn’t

The Elegant eMail™ communications solution provides a structured way for companies from the start-up to the largest enterprise talk more directly, more effectively to their customers, across the entire spectrum of media options available today. Letter, e-mail, voice, in-person: they all have their place in today's sales cycle and sales are what keep companies in business.

The difference between Frank and François, or Captain Thorbjornsson and Captain Þorbjörnsson is basically the difference between ‘good enough’ and rapt attention to a colleague who rewards your effort with his continued patronage, loyalty and good recommendations to others. Which one would you rather have? [Check your browser to see if these look the same as the names above: François,  Þorbjörnsson. If not, you've got a Windows defect; check the browser encoding choice Microsoft made for you…]

Projections from The Computer Industry Almanac include:

  • Europe and Asia-Pacific leading growth in internet use
  • US share dropping from 52 percent (1998) down to 29 percent by 2005
      [2001 Basis year: 533 million regular internet users].

Nua Research has some of the clearest figures on this topic. The way to respect this global diversity is to learn a little and grow a little. Elegance is nothing more than dinky doses of daily discipline, applied whether you feel like it or not.

There are extended character sets in European alphabets, symbols that reflect a diversity of heritage far beyond the letters a through z. The handy series of tables created just for you, the Elegant eMail Chart, is your ticket to ride on the information superhighway without creating cultural road rage.

Download the demo edition of the workbook to read how easy the Elegant eMail™ techniques are to apply.

Choose from:

  • The full version, suitable for broadband [pdf | zip]
  • The compressed, lower quality version, suitable for dial-up [pdf | zip]

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