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Creating trust through proper formatting

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It's tough enough building effective, durable business relationships these days, especially when cultural and language differences are involved. Long-term relationships are built on trust—in business and in life—and trust can't be rushed. Trust takes time, the very thing lacking in the lives of supposedly “busy” people.

The layout and formatting of the Elegant eMail chart are
Elegant eMail Chart Fragment
designed to leverage your ability to create the right atmosphere, one of trust and confidence. Why? Using the right characters in someone's name, town, company or product, shows that you're putting them first. Granted none of this makes any difference if you're not proud of or confident in your product, which is precisely the strength of systems thinking: it is a process for optimizing wholes rather than just a collection of optimized parts.

The North American Edition of Elegant eMail™ contains a uniquely “layered” data chart allowing you to choose binary, decimal, octal and hexadecimal keycodes for the ISO-8859-1 character encoding, along with a special arrangement to easily identify the relationship between upper and lower case characters. As it reflects an international standard, it works with all operating systems and all brands of technology.

Standard versions of Elegant eMail™ are available by e-mail or on CD for $39.95, printed manual and laminated chart for $54.95 and customized with your company logo and corporate communications specs for only $74.95 per copy. CD and hard copy shipping charges extra. Site license discounts are available. Order yours today!

Download the demo edition of the workbook to read how easy the Elegant eMail™ techniques are to apply.

Choose from:

  • The full version, suitable for broadband [pdf | zip]
  • The compressed, lower quality version, suitable for dial-up [pdf | zip]

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