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“Treasure People and Exploit Tools”

Themes: Unity, Service

In keeping with the need to be a part of the solution in 2010, people from all walks of life have expressed a desire to show their commitment and willingness to do their part to get America "back on track." As the global clearinghouse for Systems Thinking Resources, we join our brothers and sisters of all faiths, creeds and colors in spreading the "gospel of peace through strength" so that together we can progress relentlessy forward in the war to free our world from the scourge of terrorism, be it political, social, territorial—or economic!

Check back often, or contact us directly for details of a new public service initiative focused on bringing the benefits of the systems thinking mindset to those less fortunate in your neighborhood.

Opening Date Closing Date Contest Winners Announced Event
04-Jan-10 02-Apr-10   Public Service Initiative: Volunteer Credit Hour for Hour Tuition Rebates for Small Business Coaching
01-Feb-10 28-Feb-10   50% discount on Certified Systems Thinker Program. Must be follower and must enter keyword "sonrisa" on Registration page
03-May-10     Himinbörg Versatile Furnishing System Vendor Certification Program Launch

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