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For trademark purposes, all text phrases and images are claimed in plaintext format, for the broadest coverage. diamond-flame logo the diamond-flame logo, ChaLLEnge logo, the Challenge logo, "Collaboration Coach" and "Collaboration Coaching", Day-Plus, Ennova, Econergnomics, "Geek to Sleek" "Treasure People & Exploit Tools," Mobile Ergonomic Workstation, Rotabook, Systems Thinking Institute, Systemkey (related to the Institute's scalable systems analysis model) and TimeTravelPlanner are trademarks; "Compressing the Learning Curve", "the ChaLLEnge of Change is Life-Long Enrichment," "Deep Experience | Fresh Perspective" and "Providing a New Perspective for Those Whose Progress Cannot Wait" are servicemarks of The Systems Thinking Institute LLC.

All other products or company names mentioned are used for identification purposes only and are marks or registered marks of their respective owners.

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